Tuesday, February 8, 2005

happy chinese new year! and longer entrie are in lj. lol. does everyone want to kill me yet?

...08:54 p.m.

very very very late.... but i finally got around to...
Sunday, February 6, 2005

listing new year resolutions.


1. to be more confident
2. to make more friends and unlearn the art of cowering in front of strangers.
3. work. part time. to earn money for shopping. which lead me to...
4. shop nicely. so that yee mei can stop grumbling about my fashion sense. or lack thereof.
5. try to get this for 21st? in other cases, to learn the art of subtle persuasion.
6. to fiish making the damn hakama. ON TIME. and some other costumes.
7. last but not least, to study hard. target: straight HDs this year.

...06:02 p.m.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

cow says :

1) i so do not have a gutter.
2) i am a gutter.
3) i am a very non touchy feely very lovable gutter
4) *grins* your bear is my bitch >| )


...11:05 p.m.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

cow says :

1) i so do not have a gutter.
2) i am a gutter.
3) i am a very non touchy feely very lovable gutter

...11:05 p.m.

little squids
Tuesday, February 1, 2005

are amusing and edible. meanwhile, pea is ill and asleep in the chair beside mine (in the office hush don't tell) i OT because i have a bleeding heart... oh do excise it please.

...05:43 p.m.

Monday, January 31, 2005

hahahahah. this is so cruel. and funny.

...01:39 p.m.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

-aaaaaaaaa. destination = star line PWTC because i have to collect plane tickets. wandered into KJ station and hopped into lrt. for some reason wandered out at KL central instead of masjid jamek where i'm supposed to change trains at. very well. waited patiently for next train. hopped in. overshot masjid jamek. came back. went to star line. almost ran over by car while crossing road at jalan putra. arrived at MSL travels to collect ticket, where receptionist was bitchy to me oh why?

wandered back to cow's office later. whole trip took me around 3 hours.

*pulls hair* where the crap is my car when i need it

...06:08 p.m.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

the doctor prescibed me this. so sleepy.

...03:37 p.m.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

pitas is a mess, but hola! there is the last entry that refuses to come up on LJ. readable.

whether if i'm merely shy, or just with an ultimately unexplaination inferior complex. i withdraw when meeting new people. it disturbs me that everytime i have to meet someone new it becomes so damn stressful. shall try harder next time, think may is annoyed with me... *hangs head* .... wait. i can't do that either. i remember jess saying cut off all my hair and maybe i would stop hiding behind it... (eheheh i just it isn't that obvious, yeah?) it's not something to cry over.

anyway. blink and flutter your lashes and another month gone. i've grown to really like the people at the office where i'm working full-time (shall miss them when i go). i like them, office hours are interesting besides tiring. but i suppose that's working life for malaysians, you ultimately come home weary to the bone every night.

...02:28 p.m.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

it's been ages since i last blog. i have heaps to say, first and foremost being the dissaterific event that is mama's birthday.

which is today.
which we celebrated yesterday.
well. mostly.
at 1p.m sharp, J called. conversation went something like this :
she: hey. wat 2 buy 4 mum?
me: i dunno. still thinking. by the way, YOU have the car.
she: wel yes lo. need 2 go by cake for fren.
me : you're buying a cake for a FRIEND?
she: yeah la. tonite we celebret.
me: why don't you go buy a cake for mom?
she: ......*lightbulbs* YEAH HOR. what type of cake?
me: she's your mom.
she: she's your mom too.
me: i dunno. ask the salegirls for something nice but not too sweet.
she: cheap or expensive? big or small? nice or not nice? what kind of cake?
me: .... i'll leave it in your oh so capable hands. *hangs up* (and was prepared to pick up the phone in the following minute for a yelling.)
6 o'clock. we collect the cake. the icing was blue. the cake was BLUE. heaps of shrieking ensued.

we managed to buy her flowers as well.
6 o'clock. we collect flowers. conversation of how to give it to her. in the end we decided to give it to papa to give it to her.
6.15p.m. dad's office. papa stared at flowers and states bewilderedly. "i've never given your mom flowers." very good, papa. J waxed eloquent on how to present flowers to a beloved. (amusingly so, dad turned even more bewildered).
(p/s, i was the one who actually bought the flowers. it was tiger lilies and pink roses and little yellow flower and cost me a whopping 70 ringgit after shopping around for an hour dragging yee mei along with me in ipoh. (yay, mei is BACK!)
6.30p.m home.
dad: *shoves flowers at home* for you.
mom: *stares at flowers* you gave me flowers.
dad: *lips has turned into stone* (i was trying not to laugh at this point, J was simply put --taciturned and in our heads : DAD, PLEASE SO SOMETHING.)
mom: *looks at flower* very nice. very very very nice.
me and J : *rejoice* (DADDY SO DUMB.)
mom: so. which one of my daughters bought it? (GYAaaaaaaYYYYH. WE TOLD YOU TO DO SOMETHING DAD.)
me: what, daddy gave them to you.
mom: oh ho, but he didn't buy it.
me: HE gave them to YOU.
mom: (she went to ask dad where he got the flowers from. DOOMED.)
J : dad, you wouldn't DIE if you simpl mumble some name of a flower shop, like ABC or SOMETHING)
dad: *sheepish* (he turned tailed and RAN for a bath.)
me: *mental forehead slap*
after that, we went out for dinner.
alright. we originally planned to cut it at 12a.m sharp. but J went out to celebrate her-friend's-bday. and came home late. and by the time she's home, all of us were asleep. (so damn her, dammit.)
10a.m sunday morning. i'm dued to catch my ride to KL at 12p.m. so the cake had better to cut NOW. unfortunately, i have a family who does not wake up until 2p.m on sundays. and saturdays.
10.15a.m. banged into sister room and started the tedious procedure of shrieking, yanking off blankets, opening curtains and dripping water to wake them up.
10:30a.m tries to wake baby brother up, which is even more difficult because he's born in the year of bull and that went into his head. and he sleeps in mom's bed, who was, fortunately, awake and watching TV downstairs.
10:35a.m tries to restrain dad by force because HE WANTED TO GO BACK TO THE OFFICE and i wanted to damn cake CUT.
10:40a.m siblings lumbered out of bed and we lid the candle. pondered for five minutes what to do.
10:45a.m happy birthday mom! we should've sang you a birthday song before you blew out the candle! i'm sorry the cake is blue, but i didn't buy it!
11.00a.m. WHY IS THE CAKE SO SWEET? it's a fruit cake and there's lychee sandwiched within and we didn't manage to finish half the cake.
11:05a.m. dad escapes to office. siblings curse me and went back to bed. mom went back to watching TV. i had to prepare for KL.

other thingies. eeeeeee, so prettyWANT~ wonder if mama would get it for me for 21st?

am reminded after reading Loz's blog. haven't done any training since i came back. am so terribly unfit that i fear (instructor's wrath). the horrible thing is, i managed to forget his name. i think it's jamie or james. screwed. there's nothing i can do seeing that i'm stuck in KL currently working full time. so screwed.

hooli, brought my black cloth up to KL. shall we make our hakama together? if so, when? it is so hard to get hold of our (and you look good on the barbeque ...........) nevermind.

period is a week early. pain pain pain agony pain pain. Pea plays magna carta blissfully and tunes my heart-wrenching whimpers out.

Star Ocean : Till the end of Time. wanna play but it is hard to so little time. am at mosel dune's and am beginning to fear that i will never finish it in time. fayt is so kyuuuute so is Nel and Cliff is so... so.... there is no words to describe cliff. so damnably..... GAY. ahaha.

i think i'll end on this note. i have so much to say that if i don't stop everyone will stop reading. but if you managed to get down here i'm impressed. here, have a candy.

...02:11 p.m.

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